Silica Quartz

Quartz (Silica SiO2) is the most common mineral in the Earths crust. Quartz is found in sandstones, pegmatites granites, and other igneous rocks.

Quartz sand/grains in Glass, Ceramics, Paint, Oil well drilling, Ferro Alloy plants, artificial marble. A wide variety of high grade Quartz that we are offering is appreciated for its resistance against mechanical and chemical weathering. We provide them in safe industrial grade packaging.

Specification: Ferro Alloy Grade


Silica as SiO2 99% min
Alumina as Al2O3 0.25% max
Calcium as CaO 0.05% max
Phosphorus as P 0.005% max
Iron as Fe2O3 0.06%max
Thermal Stability Index 85% min

Mode of Shipment:

20ft Containers

Breakbulk in vessel

Product Origin : INDIA