Our Approach

Dwaita Trading and Shipping Pvt. Ltd., is a registered Indian company has established in the year 2017 engaged in the activity of Trading, Import and Export of Dry Bulk cargoes in India.  We are selling and distributing various types of minerals and other raw materials based on Industrial needs.  We also offer services of supplying grabs, heavy equipment for handling different types of cargoes.

We are rendering port services to our clients to clear the cargo from / into the port hassle free.  We are offering a total package as turnkey solution to our clients.

Our Mission

Dwaita is established on the motto of rendering services in port and industrial sector to enable our clients to carry out their business smoothly without spending time in getting the raw material and other essential needs.  Our mission is to provide our services in a cost effective and timely manner to our client.

We are glad to provide our services to the Industrial development and economical growth of our nation.  We are proud to be a part of Country's development and we serve our clients globally.  We have networks in most of the countries to render our services across borders.

Our Team

Our team of experts bring their ideas and views in various business sectors for the welfare of our company as well as offering our best services to our clients.  Also they are dedicating themselves in the development of the company and exploring the various opportunities.